While we are talking about meteors, asteroids and other near-Earth objects that can kill us from space, here is a quick guide to knowing the difference between the technical terms for each.

  • Comets: composed of ice, rock and organic material that has a characteristic tail when warmed by the sun, and likely formed in the cold, outer regions of the solar system, like the Kuiper Belt or Oort Cloud.
  • Asteroid: composed of rock or metal, likely created in the warmer, inner solar system, such as the asteroid belt, between Mars and Jupiter.

Meteors, Meteroids, and Meteorites

All are smaller parts of asteroids or comets. The difference is dependent on its physical presence in relation to Earth:

Meteroids: The smaller bits or pieces that broke off comets or asteroids in space.

Meteors: a meteroid that has entered the Earths atmosphere, ignites and has a streak of light like a shooting star.

Meteorite: a meteroid or pieces of a meteor that makes it to the Earth’s surface without burning completely up.

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The address of the Garden Home a Moss Mountain appears to be:

23800 Ross Hollow Road 
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If someone finds this and it is incorrect, please let me know.

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