I’ve been thinking about Apple versus Tesla, and in spite of Elon Musk’s comments regarding “If you don’t make it at Tesla, you go work at Apple. I’m not kidding.” And the other comment, “But cars are very complex compared to phones or smart watches. You can’t just go to a supplier like Foxconn and say: ‘Build me a car.'”

Well, perhaps you can’t go to Foxconn and have them make a car. But, Apple knows what to outsource and what not to. Furthermore, they understand outsourcing. They understand when to outsource or when to acquire or when to do it in-house. They also understand how and when to do each.

I own stock in each, but not for the same reason. I believe that each are visionary companies, but for different reasons.

To me, Apple represents a company that has institutionalized their vision and leadership, while Tesla represents a company that is a one-man, da Vinci-esque fulfillment of vision. Without Elon Musk, I believe Tesla would flounder. Without Tim Cook, Apple may flounder, but the odds are much longer, and the company will likely self-correct. I can’t imagine Tesla self-correcting. Not today, anyway.

Frequently comparisons are made between Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Elon Musk. Make no mistake, Elon is the most forward-thinking of the three, but Bill Gates operates at a different level for different reasons – he sees things he can to in much shorter time frames that will benefit mankind, using a non-profit built upon the wealth of his Microsoft holdings. Elon Musk is betting the farm for a much longer time-frame that exists beyond his lifespan. Musk is using his relatively short lifespan to build self-sustaining profit-oriented companies to better mankind.

Apple’s timeframe is much shorter in a way. Apple may think long-term, but they are patient to only pull the trigger on new products if the timing and execution is right or close enough (Watch OS 1.0, anyone?). Their goal is to better individuals, and by extension (if you can afford it) mankind. For profit.

None are inherently morally better or worse in my humble opinion, just different.

From an investment and humanity standpoint, understanding these arguably subtle differences in philosopies is critical to understanding how to get the most bang for your buck.

I am not in anyway suggesting to readers to invest in Apple or Tesla, or donate to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation as you should seek your own path to happiness and fulfillment.

And that may be a simple as donating to Doctors Without Borders, or your favorite charity. Regardless, just make sure that your objectives match your investment.


Chicago +10 at Kansas City (Elo +7.5) Sunday, 12pm

Buffalo -1 at Tennessee (Elo -4.5) Sunday, 12pm B P? (Not sure if I recorded this right.)

Cleveland at Baltimore -6.5 (Elo -9) Sunday, 12pm

St Louis at Green Bay -8.5 (Elo -11) Sunday, 12pm

Denver -4.5 at Oakland (Elo -7.5) Sunday, 3:25pm B W

New England at Dallas +10 (Elo +3.5) Sunday, 3:25pm B L

San Francisco +7 at New York Giants (Elo +4) Sunday, 7:30pm B W

Pittsburgh +3.5 at San Diego (Elo Pk) Monday, 7:30pm B


EXPERIMENTAL: Pittsburgh, Dallas L and New Orleans L, moneyline

2015 record (thru Week 4) 9-5-1

jet_logoAs Geekwire explains, the $50 membership was intended to be the primary source of revenue for the hopeful Amazon-conquerer. I’ve used Jet a few times, and shipping and delivery times have been inconsistent, although the pricing was cool, giving deeper discounts as you added more product.

I just don’t see how changing the business model so soon, and presumably increasing margins to become profitable is going to dethrone Amazon.

Guess we will find out once the $200 million in VC funding dries up.

Baltimore at Pittsburgh +3 (Elo -5.5) Thursday, 7:25pm B P

Carolina -3.5 at Tampa Bay (Elo -6) Sunday 1pm B W

Oakland at Chicago +3.5 (Elo -1) Sunday 1pm B W

Green Bay at San Francisco +8.5 (Elo +3.5) Sunday 3:25pm B L

Week: 2-1-1


*Atlanta at Dallas +1 (Elo -7.5) Sunday, 12pm B L

Jacksonville at New England -13.5 (Elo -16) Sunday, 12pm

New Orleans at Carolina -3.5 (Elo -8) Sunday, 12pm


*Yeah, yeah I know. I’m still doing it.

Last week: 3-2

2015 Season: 7-3

*Denver +3 at Kansas City (ELO +.5; 2.5) Thursday 7:25pm B W

Houston +3.5 at Carolina (ELO +5.5; 2) Sunday 12pm

*Tennessee at Cleveland +1 (ELO -3; 4) Sunday 12pm B W

*Detroit +3 at Minnesota (ELO Pick; 3) Sunday 12pm B L

Tampa Bay +10 at New Orleans (ELO +8; 2) Sunday 12pm

*San Francisco +6 at Pittsburgh (ELO +3; 3) Sunday 12pm B L

Miami at Jacksonville +6 (ELO +4; 2) Sunday 3:05pm

*Dallas +6.5 at Philadelphia (ELO Pick; 5) Sunday 3:05pm B W

*Seattle +3.5 at Green Bay (ELO +1; 2.5) Sunday 7:30pm


*2.5 points or greater between ELO and line. This is what I normally bet. I decided to document the 2 point ones just in case the line moves enough. Last year, I only checked the filtered Elo picks. Next week, I may change to weigh the entire field against Elo at betting time, in case some of them move into the betting range. This is explained here after analysing late last season.

Of course, it is also possible that a pick moved out of the range, so the pick is “off”.

Last week: 4-1

2015 Season: 4-1


Well, a new season has begun. Here are the picks for week 1.

The spread was as of this writing. Check out NFL Picks Explained for an explanation. Adjust if necessary.

Green Bay at Chicago +6.5 (ELO +4.5) 12pm B L
Indianapolis at Buffalo +2.5 (ELO -.5) 12pm B W
New Orleans at Arizona -2.5 (ELO -5) 3:05pm W
Philadelphia at Atlanta +3 (ELO +.5) 6:10pm W
Minnesota at San Francisco +2.5 (ELO -4.5) Monday 9:20pm W

2015: 4-1-0

I just realized that I never posted the final results for 2014:  36-27-2, W55.4%, L41.5%, T03%

Here is where fivethirtyeight.com explains their ELO ratings.


Wherever you go, there you are.

Dumb Little Man talks about meditation without meditating.

If you’re queueing at the post office then why let yourself get upset and frustrated? Why not just accept that you’re there and practice mindfulness instead. Bring your full attention to your surroundings; the people, the sights, the sounds. Involve all of your senses. Be aware of any inner dialogue that may be judging, criticizing, wanting, resisting. Breathe in and out and allow yourself to be completely calm. Don’t drift off in your thoughts. Be wherever you are, fully.