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Tom-CottonHere is a great rundown on iPhone security.

Here is Tim Cook’s letter to customers on the matter between Apple and the FBI.

This is a big deal, and those that criticize Apple’s attempt to protect its users are trading freedom for privacy and security. The rhetoric and pandering by Cotton and his ilk are compromising the very foundations of this country’s principles and security, just as torture did after 9/11.

I understand that many, many people have lost their lives. It is tragic. But if we are going to continue to fan the terrorists flames by banning Muslims from entering the country, or giving law enforcement the right to crack private corporations’ intellectual property and individuals privacy and security, then the terrorists are winning.

The American people deserve more from our leaders than fearmongering, hate speech and pandering.

This article on Talk Business explains this much more eloquently.


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Time is the fire in which we burn. – Delmore Schwartz

In the past 20 years or so, we’ve seen the world speed up, especially for small business leaders. Never before has an owner been presented with so much information from so many different directions. Every aspect of our lives is moving at an incredible pace, and time is the most valuable commodity we have. But, with all the distractions and overwhelming amounts of information coming our way, How do you take control and truly manage your time?

In order to control the chaos in my time management, I’ve developed some technical methods to control who, what, and why intrudes on my time.

  • Best way to stay on top of industry news and other topics of interest: Feedly. Its a RSS reader. Stop going to multiple websites just to find news – make them come to you. I quickly scan headlines, then save the ones I want to follow up with later.
  • Best way to store notes and other information, wherever you are: Evernote. It runs on everything, everywhere.
  • Best Browser: Safari (for Mac), Chrome for Windows. Safari for Mac because it is fast and makes your battery last longer. Although it doesn’t have the plugins that Chrome offers, it has all I need. Chrome for Windows because of the flexibility and speed. Both allow syncing of bookmarks across multiple devices.
  • Best Social Media Publisher: Buffer. Combine Buffer with Feedly, and you get an incredible curation system. I use Evernote along with Desk to work with blogs, then publish via Buffer.
  • Best security Tool: LastPass. Its a little learning curve for the average person, but just dedicate yourself to using it. Your life and business will be more secure than 99% of the planet.

Together, these tools have saved me thousands of hours over the years. I treat each one as “on-demand”, in that I use them when I want to, not the other way around.

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Perfect example of why we at Kirkham Systems believe in and use LastPass:

We appreciate that, as the most popular password manager in the world, we have an active, dedicated community that challenges us to be better and is committed to helping us improve the security of our service.

There are some that would argue storing all of your passwords in the cloud, but we believe it is the best balance of practicality and security.